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Order Delivery Only to Stop Clock

I have a gig with a developer and they are set to delivery the order by today. I have just noticed that they have “delivered” the order. The only issue is that the delivery consisted of one text file attachment. In that text file the seller stated that they only sent the text file delivery to stop the clock and that they would be finished in 8 to 10 more hours.

What are the recommended course of actions to ensure that I don’t loose the money I’ve already paid? Should I request a revision?

Please keep in mind that at this point the seller has been very responsive and I still have a good measure of faith that they will delivery on the order requirements. I just want to be safe here.



You should have 72 hours to mark the project as completed. And you mentioned that you have faith on the seller and he is responsive. So my recommendation is to wait till last day and then ask for the revision. It would look you more professional and also respect your seller’s faith.



Your seller violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service. They could have asked for extension, but they chose to break the rules instead.

Yes. Don’t let the order get automatically completed. If they deliver again without sending you what they should have sent, request revision again, and keep requesting it until they send you what you’ve paid for.

If you really really trust that seller, wait for a day or two before requesting revision, but still, don’t let the order autocomplete.


Thank you for all of the advice. I will take it all into consideration and wait to ask for a revision before the order is automatically completed in the 72 hours window.

It is great that the community was so responsive and helpful with this issue. This fact make me more confident in using Fiverr’s services in the future.

Thanks again and I will update this thread when the order is completed.


You need to raise this issue with Customer Support.

The seller is gaming the system.

They will flag his account so he won’t be doing it again.

Other than that, yes use the “request a modification” button so that the order remains active.

And ask for an update. :slight_smile:


I agree that you should request a revision immediately. If you wait and something happens to keep you from getting back to your inbox before it completes, it leaves you in a bind. The seller shouldn’t have broken the rules. I also agree with others that you should report the seller to Support.


just wait 8 to 10 hours ,if you not get the product which you order then request the revision option immediately .

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Update: Seller did delivery on 95% of the requirements, albeit late. I was reasonably satisfied with the delivery in the end. I glean from the replies above that I should have reported this issue to Fiverr. In the end I opted to not do that as the sellers near-realtime communication was what saved them. Thanks for all of the advice.