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Order Delivery Rejected


Client keep rejecting my delivery without saying anything.
How do i handle suggest client? What should i do.

Even when i send a message to find out why his rejecting the
order he never replies.


Keep on delivering the same thing over and over and asking why he is rejecting it. Do it forever.


Fiverr gave me a warning for doing this.


violation ? For partial delivery ?


Report the case to Customer Support, with screenshots proving that you have repeatedly tried to communicate with the buyer and find out what they want you to change.

It’s most likely a reseller/middleman who is waiting for instructions from their client. Either that or someone clueless, or someone malicious.


better you contact customer support, with screenshot. Fiverr customer support is very helpful


Yeah, that’s the point, I agreed :thinking:


If the delivery is complete you can send it to them as many times as you like. You only get a warning from fiverr if some part of it is missing.


Same thing happen with me when I was a new seller buyer keep clicking revision button and didn’t tell about changes.

Then I message to support they said your order say unlimited revision and we can’t force buyer to mark as complete.


This is the problem most of the time.


know I’m providing limited revision.


No part of the delivery was missing.
I also sent a screenshot of what i did and the url to check it out.

I sent all files to the user.


I’ve had this problem twice. Both times I continued to send the same thing to them as a delivery, one time for weeks.


My gig doesn’t have unlimited revision.


You are lucky mate!
Deliver your work communicate with buyer and asked him about changes also contact to Cs so they will monitor buyer behaviour :slight_smile:


Thanks for this misscrystal - have just taken your advice and redelivered the same thing to a buyer who is … well, let’s say they don’t understand that they got what they asked for.


Just be aware that if and when they do accept it they might leave a bad review but at least you got paid. These are particularly… :imp:


Yeah - I do get that. But they left it to the last moment to “ask for a revision”, which starts the clock again …

Anyway, I’ve also contacted CS with shots of the messaging conversation, the order and the delivery note. So we’ll see.

I don’t offer any revisions, btw …

Thanks, though … your comment was useful :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t mind the bad review.