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Order Delivery Violation - Experts Please Help

I received a delivery violation last month (07/08/2020) and I still don’t know why because all orders were processed on time, only one was a bit late and was concluded as soon as the order was finished.
So I would like to know if it was a bug, because I saw on the forum that some have a bug with it.
Knowing that it affected my gigs a lot, and that I have almost no more orders since that day I was going to get my first level.

If you have more information, it would be really nice, thank you!


It’s not an issue of delivering on time. It’s an issue of making a complete delivery. It means that at some point you either didn’t deliver everything you needed to or you (or your buyer) made a comment that made it appear like you didn’t deliver everything you needed to.


Okay, but in this case the customer can make a dispute and ask for changes.
Because I do not finalize an order, if the order itself is not finished. So I don’t really understand why this violation.
And thank you for your help

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


I’m not sure if we’re really talking about the same thing here but delivering something that requires revisions later is not the issue. It can, as long as when you deliver, from your point of view the job is complete. I.e., if your gig promises a 7-page website, you have to deliver all 7 pages.

You can’t go: “Here are 5 pages, I’ll send 2 remaining ones tomorrow”. Or: “Here is the sketch, tell me what you think. I’ll send a complete illustration as soon as the sketch is approved”. If anything of the sort has transpired or was implied, it could be the reason behind the warning you’ve got.