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Order Delivery Violation (No Help from CS)

I delivered all files including the delivery message stating the files and work description, Received a warning from Fiverr Order Delivery Violation, I think fiverr Bots are not Ai ready yet, Instead of helping me the CS forcing me to believe that i delivered blank order (empty).

My question is why fiverr would even allow empty box deliveries? When they block delivery if you don’t deliver source file if mentioned in the gig package.


You should contact the CS.

Can you confirm whether you did actually attach anything in the delivery area?

I have orders where I need to deliver files larger than the maximum delivery upload file size will allow. In this case, I’d like to know if the next time I send a dropbox link, I’m going to get flagged by a Fiverr robot.

I think fiverr doesn’t disturb here, I have delivered websites to my clients , they share their credentials on the order chat section, which is necessary. Then it doesn’t flag me at all :wink:

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