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Order Delivery Violation

Can you help me? Please Please. I don’t understand what was my mistake.

I had a custom order. Timeline was 7 days. I upload that project after 6 days using the delivery work button for client’s feedback or modification. But client didn’t press modification button. after 3 days order was automatic mark as completed. Then, Client said to me in inbox, “should I dispute, because order was showing completed”.

I write this message below:

“No problem, I will complete this project with your needs. You don’t need to dispute, because you like my work. I will give revision as your needs. if clients don’t press revision within 3 days, then it said order is completed. But I know, I have to do more work with your project. I am working on your project right now. Will give you Rough_2 soon.”

Then after 10 minutes fiverr send me warning: below,

I write to fiverr last night, now they send me this email below:

What was my mistake can anyone tell me? Is buyer complained about me? Where I made that mistake?

Thank you for helping me.


Looks like you didn’t deliver all the work you had to do? It is against the rules to press the “deliver” button and actually deliver the work if it isn’t finished or something is missing. You have to either request an extended delivery time from the client, cancel the order or let it run late.

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As janali said, you broke the rules. You didn’t deliver what the client ordered at all, much less on time. It’s too bad the client didn’t catch it since they should have been able to cancel the order. Sellers who don’t deliver correctly bring the entire site down.


You honestly deserved it or even worse.

Thanks for your response.

Client is still happy. He didn’t press the modification button. He only leave message in order area.

So these are new clips, that clients wanted to add. This custom offer had 5 revisions. But he didn’t press the modification. I was preparing for the next Rough. Client also was in vacation.

That time happened this. Honestly, I always try make client happy. I was really sad now.


Maybe client contacted fiverr that is why its happening as i have gone through this issue before!

Can I ask buyer for the review?

I know, he will give me 5star, also good comments. He also want to work with me again.

Can I discuss about these situations with client in inbox?

You said in your OP and in this post that you knew you had more work to do to finish the order. You cannot deliver until you are 100% done. That is why the buyer said that he might dispute. You got warned for delivering incomplete and too soon. Don’t ever deliver unless you have done every bit of work BEFORE you press Deliver.


Thank you so much. Now, I understand What I made mistake. One more quick question,

How can I get feedback from my clients before press the delivery button? Should I attached my edits in order page as a message?

Thanks your valuable time.

Warm Regards

Did you delivered the order empty or did you attached the project in it?

Because if you deliver the order empty, it is against fiverr’s TOS, but if you had attached the project to the delivery and the buyer doesn’t use the button accordingly it will be his/her fault. Some buyers abuse the ‘request a revision button’ for things like asking a question or asking additional work that wasn’t included, yet there are other that don’t use it at all, which I think is their fault.

Hi ydrawing,

Yes, Of course I attached the video.

Here is in details: client gave me some footage. And made a video with that footage. Then, I press the delivery button and submit that video. And I write to client, "Please give me some positive or negative feedback. When the picture will lock (all the edits will done), then, I will do the noise reduction part. Because, in the order had 5 revisions. Then, clients give me extra more footage without pressing the modification button.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Warm Regards

you requested for a positive or negative feedback ? that ends it there buddy :astonished:

Yes ask them and say you will solve their issues

Hello all,

You deliver the order without completing or asking client by saying that i have done all work only 5% left may i deliver the order then if client told you to deliver then you have to deliver.Otherwise you can ask for more time in same order by mutually understanding part. That is why client need to have full work and he thought you deliver the order and will not do more work. So he/she contacted to fiverr and after that fiverr reviewed your order and make it live again or they can also cancel it. But still you got the warning. Two warnings and your work from months will be finished/gone . so be care full next time and talk to your clients for this kind of half work.