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Order details have disappeared from my account

Hi Everyone,

A buyer placed an order couple of hours ago. Now suddenly the order details have disappeared or the order was never activated in the first place.

Would someone be able to help me resolve this please?


Hi @sandy7452

Is your order page showing correctly or has the order also disappeared?


Thank you for replying.

I can neither see the order on the Dashboard nor on the Manage Sales page even though the “Priority” tab is showing “1” but no order details below.

Please check the screenshot attached.


That’s interesting!

We had a new order come in during the last 30 minutes that had all the details except for one gig extra… instead of the proper gig extra title… it shows on the order like this:

translation missing: en.pricing_factors.GigItem.buyer_title

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You’re most welcome, Sandy!

Please, go to the order page and try to see if the order is showing there.


Do you think there is a glitch in the Fiverr system right now?

I’m on the Orders page.

The screenshot which I sent to you was from the Orders page.

You must have been notified when the order was placed. Please go to “Messages” and see if the order shows there where it says “Notifications”.

If it does, press over the order and see if it shows up. If not, please contact CS explaining the situation. It might be a glitch or might be something else.

Thank you for replying again.

No, it did not show up in the “Notifications”. But I did receive email for the order. Screenshot attached. I was too pre-occupied doing the project work of the buyer. So I did not remember checking the notification when the buyer placed the order.

I clicked on the Order number in the email. It took me to the same page as the Orders page where the order details are not available.

Ok, I will contact CS.

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It’s ok, no need to thank me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, please. I hope everything can be solved.

May I kindly ask you to keep us updated?

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Thank you.

I will keep this post updated.

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Thank you very much, Sandy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here, this has being happening to me since yesterday

If you open an order or a message link via the email notification for it, does that also being up this glitch?

And what does it show if you use the mobile app?

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The full order shows correctly on the email message.

But on the mobile app it still shows the same error.

Checking your email is a good work-around until the bug is fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah! I imagine it’s just a simple error and will be fixed soon. I’d clear your cache and try a different browser, too, after a few hours or so to see if it is fixed by then.


Can someone from the Fiverr Support please, please fix the issue?


Have you tried a different computer? Does it also fail to show on the phone app?


Thank you for replying.

Yes, I have tried on a different computer. Same result.

Yes, the order is also not showing up on the mobile app.


Seems to be a pretty serious glitch, in that case. You’ll have to wait for CS to get back to you.