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Order dispute because of wrong information

The buyer asked on buyer request to extract only 1872 entries from a webpage. He even wanted to make a sample work which got accepted. but then he placed order to extract data from 19 webpages, each have a list of 100 companies , each company has a 6 year listed info which he wanted to be extracted in short time of 2 days. Now there are 11400 total entries. I even tried to use tools but they were of no use. Now I have contacted back buyer for order modification but he is not responding back. What Can I do to avoid order cancelations.

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Did you state in the order or custom offer that you were only going to do 1872 entries? If you did so, you can cancel the order and it won’t go against you. Go to resolutions, say you are cancelling the order because the buyer did not give you the proper information about how many entries. If you have put the amount of entries you were doing for the amount of money, you will not be discredited for cancelling the order. I have canceled 5 orders and it will affect you for 60 days, back after that it falls away.

Or you could ask CS to cancel it saying they want 11,400 entries when they only accepted the offer for 1872 entries (and maybe that they won’t upgrade for an amount to cover the price for all of them). They might cancel it to make it not affect your stats.

I assume you’ve added an extra to get him to cover the extra cost/more days. You could just wait. Maybe a time extension request could be done too though the extra might cover that.

I am new to Fiverr and he made the order against my bid in which he clearly stated 1872 entries to be made and I bid on these 1872 entries. And I have contacted CS to cancel this order. I really hope it works out.

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Thank you everyone for your support. I have contacted CS and they cancelled my order without impact to my listings and profile.

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