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Order / Dispute Time Should Stop and Only Start when Buyer has Responded

I think that the order timer should stop when a Buyer or Seller make a dispute and the timer should only restart when the Buyer or Seller responds to the dispute.

I had a sitation this week where a buyer was not responding, they asked for a 3 day extension which I granted but they did not respond for another two days. The timer was still ticking, my order became two days late (“Ridiculously late”) even though I was waiting for buyer to respond the dispute. I think it is very unfair that the order timer continues even if they buyer (or seller) is not responding.


Yes,I agree but your reply isn’t related to my thread, you may want to look at this one:


I like the idea of it pausing, but it would be far to easily and frequently be misused.

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It can be but that could also be said for a lot of things on Fiverr; like the extensions and cancellations are already…