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Order dispute, what happens if

Customer send me a request to cancel order, do I get any penalty about acount statistic like “canceled order” if I press yes ?
Because he ordered something from me then he thought it was another buyer, should I ask support or click on “yes, cancel order” ?

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Search about order cancellation, you will get a lot of posts. You will have a great penalty for cancellation. All your gig will rank lower. Try to convince him. If you can offer other works that you can. Tell the buyer what will it cost you. You can ask the support assistant but maybe they will say to cancel. If nothing works, then cancel.

What the hell, it’s a mistake from him so I should get the penalty ? I can’t convince him, he already found someone to make the job.

Ah, is it a “mutual cancelation” if customer send me a request to cancel order, if i press yes, it doesn’t affect my stats so ?

Fiverr never cares about sellers if you are having issue and you go for a mutual cancellation your rating will go down no matter what you do !

Customer support only cares about buyers… because they know they have huge amount of sellers

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Yes, you are right. They will never help a seller.

Nice one, so we are supposed to be slaves, I think I will change and go to another freelancer website if it affects my stats.

It doesn’t make sense at all, there is just 0 logic, it isn’t possible to ask them to change this ?

It is not about help ! It is about being real and taking the decision for the proper side ! They even deleted my 5 years old 2nd level gig with 300+ reviews just because i was selling at low price but they wont admit that rather give a reason using the word " terms and condition "

I can show 100 gigs who are not going with the terms and condition but are top rated and also selling fraudlent stuffs

A nice plateform, I am new seller since 4 weeks, and I didn’t know about that…
I can’t believe what i read

I dont know about your part but what i have seen from my end i shared that :slight_smile: But you can still explain your problem with the fiverr support team may be they could help you out with the issue if you give proper screenshots and explain everything properly

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Okay, i’m gonna try, I don’t expect an answer but…ok, thank you.

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They will answer but the answer will not be helpful for you.

But it’s still a real shame…