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Order disputed by buyer

Greetings!! I have recieved the order 5 days ago. I have to complete the order in 10 days. I have completed almost 75 to 80% order. But, now buyer disputed the order because of its personal reasons. What should I do now? Should I accept or decline disputed request? Please help me. I am new to this community.


Can you provide more details?

Were any ‘personal reasons’ given? Have you reached out to them directly for more information? Have they been in communication with you through the process or is this the first you’ve heard from them since you started the work?

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I guess if they can’t use it, it makes sense to cancel.
Maybe you could finish and publish it yourself as your own work?

But , is this my fault? Why I should not paid?

You should contact customer support immediately and report the order and attach this and other screenshots of your chat!