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Order does not get started

Hello, I just bought a gig but the order site just says it is still loading. What can I do? I already paid. Here is a picture:


Has it loaded for you yet? If not, I would close the page and log back in to Fiverr to see if the new order has been created for you. Refreshing the page might cause a duplicate order.


Thank you for the reply.
No it did not load yet. Sadly there has no order been created for me. Very strange. I got billed but I did not get an confirmation email form fiverr or anything else

Have you tried going to Orders - Missing Details - it might be stuck in that bucket if you didn’t make it to the order requirements page yet when you encountered this error. - Edit to add screenshot reference.

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Sadly it is also not in that bucket as you can see here:

Well that bites. It looks like you’ll need to reach out to Fiverr Customer Service to resolve this. I would attach proof that the payment was taken from your account and that no order was created so they can have all the details to get this fixed for you.

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okay thank you for the help