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Order due to misunderstanding

Hello .A buyer place an order 3 time same order. I completed order within time and got 5 star. One order cancelled by fiverr support and one is incomplete? As I said I completed order. Tell me how to get rid of cancellation ratio?


When you get more order, it fills the gap


but for now any way to solve this issue . because one more order is incomplete made by that buyer. What is the best way to remove these orders created by mistake?

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You can’t remove this but when you do more work and get more review then it goes away in 60 days i guess.

Keep getting orders, it will fade away.

I wish you the very best.

ok . I have completed task assigned by a client but now he is asking for the thing which is not possible. Guide me what to do? What I have to do? If he ask to cancel I have to cancel oor not? Because I have done more than 100$ work in 30$. But he is expecting more.

Dont worry about order completion.It will go up overtime.Just be patient and work hard and deliver what is agreed between you and buyer and InshaAllah you will be Level 1 Seller soon

hmm. one more cancelation