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Order Duration

I paid the extra 10 dollars for fast deliver within 8 to 12 hours. However, when I completed the order the estimated

time duration was displayed to be three days. I need this resume as soon as possible. Can someone please explain how to proceed with this matter. I contacted the seller, but did not receive a response yet.

Also how can I get in touch with the customer service people directly. I’m new to Fiverr so very unclear about all these basic procedures.

Thank You

The extra 10 dollars you paid is simply an agreement between you and the seller. Fiverr does not acknowledge that it is due in 8-12 hours, but your seller should! I’m sure everything will be fine.

This happens with my gig. When the buyer purchases my gig extra for 24-hour delivery, the Fiverr system doesn’t update or change the order’s new deadline. To the buyer and me, the order appears to be due in a number of days even though the gig extra means it should be due within 24 hours. Like @alliemadison12 said, it’s more of an agreement between the buyer and seller. Fiverr doesn’t alter the delivery time in their system or on the order page, and it’s up to the seller to keep track of their orders that include expedited delivery and make sure that they deliver on time.

Regarding Customer Support and general information on using Fiverr, you can visit their page at