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Order error after adding gig extra


I ordered a gig on December 30th, it was going fine until I ordered a gig extra yesterday. Now neither I or the seller can add to the order thread, and the order status is “Order Item Added.” We don’t know how to fix it!!


Dear Lizzie:

This sounds like a job for… Customer Support!

Sounds like you need to open a ticket with them.

Good Luck,


To be honest, I’m not really sure why we have a ‘report a bug’ forum category. Unfortunately Fiverr don’t use it as far as I know. As Blaise says, for any immediate problem you will need to contact customer support.


I think it’s partly here to see if there is something many users are affected by. The moderators do pass along links to forum posts if they seem to indicate a side-wide problem.


That’s good to know.