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Order extras after an order has been placed

Hello, thank you in advance for your advice. If a buyer “accidently” forgets to order the extras they request for a gig, what steps could they take, after they have already placed the order, to go back in and correct this by adding the extras to their order.


From my experience the Buyer can go back in and add the extra(s). However, later the Order gets split in your “pending clearance”.

For example the initial $5 order will clear on its own, and the Extra will clear on its own. Say there is a 3 day difference between the two, there will be a 3 difference in when the amounts clear. Does that make sense?

Hi Stew, are you saying that the only way to add the extra after the order has been entered, is to order a new gig?

No, sorry.

If a Buyer buys your $5 gig on Monday, then on Wednesday goes in to that order and adds a $50 extra. It’s one order for $55… But the Fiverr system splits the order and tracks the $5 and the $50 separately. The amounts will clear separately, even tho its one order.

I’ve had this happen several times and it threw off tracking my numbers. Then I figured it out and wrote to Fiverr Support and they confirmed it.

Thanks Stew. I went in and made an order to another seller to see what the screen looks like to a buyer, when I first entered the order, I could not see the option for extras after the order was completed, but once I provided the additional information, the extras option was extremely clear at the top of the page. My question is answered.

By the way Stew, I want to thank you again for the advice you gave me when I was getting started doing voice overs. I am sure that by following your advice, I have at least doubled my Fiverr income. You are an extremely giving person and a great asset to the Fiverr community.

Reply to @monicavids:

You are very welcome. It was my pleasure.