Order failure but cost the money successfully


I have pay the money successfully but failure to create the order ?


I am confused, to say the least.

“Order failure but cost the money successfully”, sounds like something Yoda would say.

Perhaps you can rephrase your question, comment, whatever this is that you posted so that we have a better idea as to the kind of response you are seeking.


I think you mean you paid for an order but it did not start.

Did you see some requirements to fill in on the order page ? Sometimes an order wont’ start until you put the seller’s requirements.

Or you can ask customer support why the order did not start.


Fill in the requirements and the order will start. If not then ask Customer support to help you. There were a bunch of buyers lately who have experienced the same issue last week and customer support solved it.


Thank you for your reply, the credit card has been debited successfully, but did not see the order production. How do I contact the seller to support it? It has been reply to the need for man-machine verification, but did not let us man-machine validation.


If you had some communication with the seller prior to your (try to) order, you should be able to find him/her when you click the inbox/chat-icon on the top bar on your dashboard.
If the order wasn’t created though, either you or the seller will have to contact Customer Support anyhow.
Usually you should do that by sending a ticket hete:

If that doesn’t work for you for some reason, you could also try to send a mail directly to support@fiverr.com, though the reaction to a ticket created with the drop down system (see the link) might be faster.


@adamshao I think @miiila explained it really well.