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Order fast. i want job

last 21 days ago i complete my last order. can you tell me now why i can not get any job?

Your titles could use a bit of work and I think you may have too many gigs. When you have multiple gigs in one category, Fiverr will cycle your gigs and only rank one or two at a time.


  • “I will provide you attractive web search results” - What does that mean? Are you doing SEO? Will you improve their ranking? Sounds to me like you’re taking a screenshot of some Google search results (I know that’s not the case).

  • “I will provide you email list service” should be “I will provide you with a targeted email list”

  • “I will do website promote in social media” should be “I will promote your website on social media”



thank you so much sydneymorgan for your complement. i will solve it now