Order Fiverr Revenue Card


Hi, how can i order fiverr revenue card? I have done all the steps, my payoneer account also linked with fiverr, all worked fine, but neither they fiverr asked to me my sipping address nor i received any email.


Hi, you need to order Payoneer MasterCard on Payoneer website but first you need to have transaction done of $30 on Payoneer account if I remember correctly, check on Payoneer website under Activity>Funding Sources>Paying Partners if Fiverr is there everything is fine you just have to withdraw funds to appear at your linked Payoneer account and order card on their website.


But i want fiverr revenue card, not payoneer master card…


They’re the same thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh. They are the sme thing… So i have to payonner master card?


Yeah, you’ll have a Payoneer Mastercard, but it’ll be the Fiverr edition of the card.