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Order flatuation within COVID-19

Hello everyone,

Hope a good day.

I think fiverr order rate is fluctuating a bit more within this COVID-19 period.

My fiverr time was getting on well, but after the epidemic my order rate just devastated.
Everything is Ok but how come this unwanted thing.

Any suggestion is welcome


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Check this out:



“(flăch′ə-ləns) 1. The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract.”

Honestly, it’s your use of language which is holding you back from getting more sales; combined with the fact that your gigs are essentially SEO spam and snake oil.

I’ll just leave that there…


Yeah that’s straight up deception.

It’s depressing how many people think it’s okay to trick buyers and they wonder why they don’t get any work.

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Most people selling SEO are snake oil vendors, didn’t learn that till I’d spent thousands with so called experts who knew less than what we did, but pretended otherwise to get our money.

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Yep. Or they’ll use valid techniques but attach them to impossible promises.

An SEO can never promise conversions, qualified leads, human traffic or rankings. It’s nonsense.