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Order for Logo

I ordered logo design from one company…did receive confirmation today that it is done and ready for review but when I click the " review your order button " it just brings up the fiverr website … my “gig” order isn’t registered in my account…it doesn’t show I ordered and paid for this at all …how do I bring it up to view and why doesn’t it appear in my account …tried using customer service but it always relates back to the order on my file (which isn’t showing up) and doesn’t allow for comments…have my order # and proof of payment …can anyone tell me what to do … if there is an easy fix and I’m just stunned…my apologies…

Hi Summer4!

I haven’t had your specific scenario before, but you might try accessing the site in a different browser. Not sure if you are a frequent buyer or if this is your first order, but I have had issues with the site using different browsers or logging in through some locations wifi as opposed to my own.

Just a couple thoughts to help you troubleshoot the issue!

Good luck!

If you can’t view the logo, let your seller send it in a message on the side…

Another helpful bit :wink:

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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Well you need to contact site sales dprt or support deprt, who shall gives your response in next 24 hrs.



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