Order for only high Ranked Gig's


I have discovered, people always go for, already ranked gig’s, for new sellers is so discouraging, to be online almost 24hrs and order or message isn’t coming, do new sellers have it all wrong?


All sellers were new at one point or another, you know, with no reviews, no orders, feeling discouraged etc., but we all got over it!


Well, if your transcription gig has errors, and if parts of your gig description are copied from a Top Rated Seller, then yes, people are definitely far more likely to order from a proven seller without errors in description.

You crowdfunding gig has too high prices for someone who has no reviews, and parts of the gig description also seem copied from the Internet. It doesn’t inspire trust in buyers.

Try writing your own gig descriptions and make them error-free (people who need transcription usually want accuracy).


New sellers only have it all wrong if they have done it all wrong!


I have 0-orders in queue at the moment but I’m loving this. I have cash reserves to last one year without orders and usually, I am so buried in work, I don’t have time to do any marketing. This is why even though I have no orders at the mo, I will be putting in about 10-12 hours every day next week creating new products, slapping my marketing horse, and maybe even doing fun things like getting drunk and pretending to be German.

Don’t sit at your computer waiting for orders. Improve yourself, your business and most importantly of all, slap your marketing horse.




You are 100 percent right


Maybe that’s why we now see gigs without any reviews appearing in the top spots in the ranking, to give them a chance.

There are too many examples of new sellers who do extremely well fast as soon as they start to make what you are saying true. Don’t use that as an excuse.


Already-ranked sellers have proven themselves to be professional, experienced and worthy of being hired. While I understand your frustration, complaining about the success of others isn’t going to help you become a better seller. As hard as this is to hear by some, you’re going to have to work your way to the top – just like those already-ranked sellers did.

It was a long, hard road to success for them. It will, alas, be the same for you. But it IS possible, IF you’re willing to be determined, work hard, persevere… and not worry about what everyone else has that you don’t.


I agree with Jonbaas. It took me years of hard work seven days a week to finally get where I’m at and that is the price everyone pays when they start out.

But as I said I’ve seen sellers who have only been here six months who are getting hundreds of sales a month.


Thanks, good suggestion.


Thank you all for your contribution. I’m stronger and believing great orders are on it’s way coming. Thanks once more.


Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I joined a few months ago and I don’t get lots of offers like others do but I don’t expect to get them because one gig makes me a couple hundreds. I came here with a reputation and outlined my gigs very well. Although I’ve been pulling close to a grand a month on other sites, when I started here, I offered gigs for as low as $5 for a plot. As I got more reviews, I increased my gig. Be confident in what you have to offer. Also don’t just stick to Fiverr, find other sites and sign up as well.


Thanks, you know fiverr is still one of the best freelancer site, I will see what I will do about it.thanks again.@shashanewallace


Do you send offers via buyer requests?


No, I have not, tell me about how it works.


When you go to seller, there are about four drop down items when you click on it and it says “Buyer Quotes”. Here you will see when buyers have work and they prefer you apply.