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Order for to get your work done as per your needs

Here’s my gig with good rating. After first order I haven’t got another, if you would trust me enough please order. I won’t disappoint. Thanks

Hello, Aqsa.

Try your luck on “send quotes” tab. It’s in the selling drop down menu.
You get 10 requests daily. Try to use 10 each day. You will get 1-2 orders easily.

There are a lot of buyer requests in blog post/articles category.

I hope it helps.

Thank you for responding. I tried but it says I need 90% rating for it. Curretnly I have 4.3 stars based on single project that I have done so far.

Just make a new account altogether. You have made this account 2 years ago, and the buyers can see that. It’s not a good impression that you didn’t land some work in 2 years. Better to create a new account and implements the tips I mentioned above.

I am sure you will get some orders in your new account.

I hope it helps.


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oh alright. Thankyou so much for the help.

@aqsarasool before create new account you will need to delete this account fiverr 1 account per user

Really helpful saying as well. I was thinking to suggest @aqsarasool to create a new account. Because as your saying, the buyers will find it uncomfortable with an account having one job done in 2 years.

But make sure @aqsarasool, that you have deleted your current account and make the other changes to that needs to open a new account. Or you have some risks.