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Order: [Fragglesrock] Seller - Accepts Gigs then cheats people out of money


I have never had to complain to such depth before about a seller, so i am unsure what to do. I purchased multiple Gigs from the above seller to connect my daughters domain to her Wix website, which he did swiftly. However just a few days later after I left him amazing feedback, he has used my login details to go into Wix, cancel the connection AND get a full refund.

So not only am I out of pocket but an 8 year old little girls website is down and on a very special day when she has been interviewed by the press for what she is doing. I am so angry and even more upset for her as she is distraught. I have contacted the seller but apart from that what the hell can I do?? I could just pay again and connect it myself just to get it back connected and then seek to recover the money and retract my feedback… But quite honestly- how could someone do this to a child. Its sick.


Oh Really sad to hear this. :frowning:


Report this complain to customer support , they surely will take action .