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Order from buyer request

As I am new to this platform, I don’t know how to convey my offer properly while sending offers to the buyer’s request so that i can get orders!! It would be much helpful if you guys help me with proper suggestions.
Gig link :
Thank You So Much For HELPING😇


This might help you.

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Also look this

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There are enough information here on the forum, if you care to dig a bit deeper. Go the the ‘search’ function and dive in!

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Um, explaining what you do in words to other people, that is a fundamental of doing what you do.

And you claim to be in web marketing which is all about words arranged into meaningful forms to encourage people to part with cash, yet you say you can’t do that.

Something is amiss here in a worrying way. I am guessing:
a) you really aren’t any good at what you sell so please find something that you can do and offer that.
b) this was all a ploy to (ab)use helpful people into giving your gig clicks.

I doubt that you will be honest so all I can do is shake my head at the absurdity of it all.



Ge genuine, honest but most important - be yourself. Use your experience from that Digital Marketing you’ve mentioned in your bio :slight_smile: Just as @benedictrm said so!

At the end of the day, search function of this forum will do a trick for you as well.


Actually i am a new seller and i have so many things to learn. As there are so many professional who are already rocking in this field, that why i wanted their suggestion and opinion. I know that its hard to get order because i am new and i dont have any reviews.
Btw thanks it helped me a lot to understand the truth :heart::heart:


Thank you
I am still learning the platform.sometimes its hard to get orders or proper response because of not having proper knowledge of the platform and how things actually works…
Thanks i will improve myself :heart::heart:

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Ok. I need to give more time in forums
Thanks :heart::heart:

Thanks brother for helping :heart::heart:

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Need well seo, social searching and daily 10 buyer request

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