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Order Getting Trick

Please inform me that how i got maximum order from client i complete just 2 order in last two month please help me i am a graphic designer and web developer


Here is the trick. Be patient and be really good at what you do, better than the rest.

And have fantastic communication skills with customers.


I checked your profile description and for some who claims to be a content writer I see a lot of mistakes, like the punctuation errors and the strange usage of capitol letters in the middle of the sentences.
Like Miss Crystal said, be sure that you are really good at what you do, your gigs are in a very competitive field.


zeus can you help me that i can make my profile with highly communicated
please send me your trick at my mail

If you need professional help with your gig description, just type in
"edit proofread gig description" and you’ll see a lot of people offering help.

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