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Order got cancelled By customer support

I got a project from client, After about 2 hours I got a message from fiverr that the project was cancelled by the customer support because the client’s account was taken down, Because of that my order completetation fell and I got a penalty of 40$, How is this fair?


100% same thing do that in my account previous day. unfortunately nothing to do :persevere:

this is BS, completely unacceptable, There must be something I can do, 40$ may not seem a lot but I really need It.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you get more orders soon!

Well, you Don’t have to be sorry.

this is what happened to me last week and contact support team they won’t do anything this issue also my completion rate fell from 100% and now i’m not getting any orders

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It sounds like the buyer broke the rules of Fiverr, and Fiverr banned them from the site. If a user is banned, and has an active order, that order has to be cancelled as well because there would be no buyer for you to deliver the work to (since the buyer’s account was removed from Fiverr). I know it’s frustrating to lose an order like this, but it was fair and appropriate.

You did nothing wrong. The buyer apparently DID do something wrong, and Fiverr took care of it by banning him/her from this site. Unfortunately, all cancellations, no matter the reason, do affect cancellation rates. Hang in there. Fiverr probably saved you from a bad buyer.


I understand that the buyer must’ve done something wrong but it doesn’t justify that I have to pay the penalty, I mean come one fiverr cancelled my project now fiverr wants me to pay 40$, that is not fair nor appropriate.

If you have a concern about this, please contact Customer Service. They are the only people who can help you, whether that be an answer to your concerns, or a removal of any alleged “penalty”.

I did, sadly they haven’t replied yet.

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I’ve never heard of a “penalty.” If an order is canceled you don’t get paid.


I think the penalty suggested is the decrease in order completion rate, at which the seller is not at fault. Besides the $40 loss and the fact of paying it back, the seller is also hit with the order completion rate decrease. That would be my assumption.

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Completion rates are a hornet’s nest and I agree that sellers get a raw deal. I was just talking about the OP referencing a $40 penalty. If the order was cancelled they lose $40 because the transaction failed. It’s also a raw deal and it happens to most business owners, but it’s not a penalty paid to Fiverr.

actually I got the project for 50 dollars, When it got canceled my account had -40$.

Seller’s account got taken down, that’s what caused this mess is the first place, Because his account got suspended my project was canceled to and because of that I got some negative dollars in my account.

So how is this the seller’s fault? why would the seller pay you back, If fiverr wants the money real bad then why did it return the original amount back to the buyer?

It isn’t the seller’s fault. It’s the buyer’s fault. Fiverr has to return the funds if there was a chargeback or similar issue. They can’t legally do otherwise.

I didn’t understand your use of “penalty” at first, but I’m not saying you are at fault. It is a loss to you and to Fiverr. It’s unfortunate.

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Fiverr not supporting seller its my personal experience i have all proof screenshots but fiverr can’t open first time and say cancel the order.