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Order got cancelled when I already finished the work

I got my first order yesterday. I perfectly understood the job and in less than 6 hours, I was through. The buyer told me to send the work to him to check before I make the delivery. I sent it, he didn’t complain about it, but before I could click on Deliver, I received a message that my order had been cancelled from Fiverr support. Please is there anyone who had experienced this? What went wrong? What can I do so that my gig doesn’t get downgraded?


That is where you went wrong, you sent a completed project to a client without using the delivery feature. The scummy buyer then turned around and thought, i already have the completed project why pay for it?

There’s nothing you could do about it except learn from your mistake.

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Thank you very much. I saw that I was duped too, but I only thought it logical to let the buyer review the service before Delivery. Now I learnt the lesson.


Its very sad.hope buyer can understand

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so you know the rules as to how Fiverr works.

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Alright. Thank you so much

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It is sir. You can imagine.

yeah am a victim of this

Sorry this happened, hate when people are just selfish, can make anyone’s day terrible.

It’s a good lesson though, for you and everyone else, especially myself

That’s so sad. well, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

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Exactly! It’s a mistake that won’t be repeated. He must’ve felt good.

So you meant to say that CS cancelled the order without asking your side of story, is this some sort of loot going on in Fiverr ?

I mean…we are talking about Fiverr here, where the buyers are always right…most of the time :sweat_smile:

Don’t be upset. Its a lesson for you & hope next time no body can cheat with you like this…

so sad. But you contact fiverr support teem. You will result?

I was shocked too sir. It’s kind of unfair

exactly sir. This kind of thing wont happen again. Made me feel stupid

Thank you ma’am. I did. Still awaiting their response.

don’t worry it’s compulsory

Hi Market_geek

Sorry this happened to you. Welcome to the real business world. This happens in brick and mortar businesses and online businesses etc… Whenever a customer wants to see the completed project, you can do one of two things. Just deliver the completed project or send them a partial segment of the work completed the, “inbox” messenger, not the whole project. Personally, I would have sent the work through (deliver) once completed. Any adjustments, you can make corrections. Hope this helps for your future projects. Gary