Order got cancelled


Last night my first order got cancelled due to my client’t inability to convey proper message that what he wanted. He just told me I want a banner for my “mobile energy app market” and infact he wanted it for power cables. I made about 20 versions of banners yet to no avail. I had promised him money return if he didn’t like the banner. In the meantime he completed the order on my request as it was getting late as per the delivery date since he was also not coming online or replying to my messages frequently. He asked me to return the money through paypal which we don’t have in our country. I asked him twice to send me an offer for same amount so that I could return his money.Finally he asked me to pay the amount to one of his sellers. I agreed and was in the process when I got a message from fiverr that your order has been cancelled leaving negative statistics on my performance which was 100% for the completion of orders. This experience has taught me never to work for somebody who can not deliver is message correctly. I hope this post would be a lesson for all the sellers.


You don’t need to have PayPal in your country to refund a buyer. You just cancel the order through the Resolution Center and the buyer is refunded by Fiverr. The buyer can contact Fiverr to have the funds sent back to their PayPal if they wish.

It would be crazy to try to do it by some strange method like buying from another seller since Fiverr could not help you with the order and it sounds like it would probably violate ToS. If you get to keep your account, just use the Resolution Center to cancel and refund buyers in every single case.

You can’t stop a buyer from placing an order. All you can do is suggest that they contact you first (but they don’t have to) or try to find a way to work out a deal to give them something worth the value of what they paid you. If neither can be done or you lack time, you just go ahead and cancel.

The takeaway for all sellers is to follow the Terms of Service, cancel if necessary and just work on getting your completion rate back up. I don’t have a clue why you tried to do something so complicated but it could have gotten you in much worse trouble.


I had no idea that if I cancel myself I will not have negative marks on my statistics otherwise I would have done it the momment I realized the communication problem. And I suggest my clients most of the time to message me first so that I could be sure whether I can do it or not before he places the order. And he suggested to pay the amount to his seller not me.


All cancellations count against your account.

That should have been a great big warning to you - Fiverr deals with all the money side of it. Just by mentioning PayPal you could have lost your account.

Pointless - anybody can order without messaging the seller first.

You deal directly with your buyer, nobody else.



Thanks, it cleard a lot of things which were doubtful.