Order has been canceled for late delivery then why this bad review?


Hi, 1month ago someone made a order on my express gig. i was so sick that time. i was not able to login on fiverr. so, i didn’t see that. but for my late delivery the order was canceled by buyer.

after 1month, the buyer send me bad review on that. but trust me i never seen that order even.

So, my that order has been canceled, and fund has been refund to buyer then why this bad review for us?

I request please change this system for us. do a justice for all of seller. everybody has some problem in there personal life, and fiverr is our part time job, so its not necessary that we have to longed in 24/7 hours on fiverr.


Reply to @kjblynx: thanks, i didnt know it.

but dont you think this should not be happens to us? :frowning:

NOTE: i got this solution for now by requesting to fiverr team.


Reply to @bachas85: thanks for your suggestions. but i was talking about 1 review that made by late delivery. not its removed by fiverr team on my request. :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: yes i understand i should not open express gig if i cant attend them. but for all people moment can change any time. may be we go out for some days, or we can be sick for some days. then i will be bad for our reviews.

sickness and problem is not coming with knocking you :slight_smile: so it could be happen to all of us. my mom was die last June 13, did i knew it? after mom dies i was so sad, and didnt login my pc for some days…

So, anythings can be happen in our life without knocking.