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Order has not been canceled

I came here to get a clearer picture on academic work and its implications some days back. Coincidentally, I got an order placed without prior discussion which turned out to be academic. Following the advice gotten here, I contacted customer support and asked them to cancel the job.

It is two days now and the job hasn’t been canceled yet. I can’t cancel the job on my own without affecting my rating.

Please is anyone facing same problems as me? The mail I received said it will take up to 10 business days before my request is attended to. I haven’t said anything to the customer yet.

Please help!

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Oh thats not good.

How many days do you have left for delivering?

It was a 24hrs order. It got late, I asked for extension and was granted. I am still waiting for order to be canceled but nothing has been done about it yet.

Did you talk with your buyer that they can’t order academic work help on fiverr?

The last option may be to open a dispute and stating something like “buyer ordered work against ToS - academic work”.

I did open a dispute. It hasn’t been attended to.

I wasnt in that kind of situatuion so far, but you may be OK with the dispute, it should not affect the delivery time until CS attend to it. And if it does affect, the other CS ticket should resolve everything. At least this is how I see it.

That was the first thought that came to me. A spammer from the thread I created earlier was on me. I have sent three requests so far asking for cancelation. I sent out two yesterday and one this morning yet nothing has been done about it. I only got automated responses. It is frustrating seeing that I’ve been warned once. I am on my way to getting to become a Level 1 seller and I don’t really need this on me.

I believe there are Admins here that can look into this because one pointed out something to me yesterday. His name has “solution” affixed to it.

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Hmm, it sounds as if Customer Support must have a skeleton staff due to coronavirus, maybe. It certainly does sound like you were hit by a spam order, or at the very least, someone who did not read your messages properly.

Seems to be such a frequent thing after posting in the Community. Deeply annoying. So sorry for you having this, I know it’s miserable when it happens.