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Order hasn't started yet, needs your input!

I have purchased a order and filled in all the infos and logo but the seller cannot see my infos he is saying the order is not acive, can i i have some help why is like that thanks

A seller cannot do much about an order until you fill in the requirements. Likely there is some technical difficulty - try filling in the requirements again, and make sure that you don’t get any red comments from Fiverr under the comment box about breaking the ToS. For example, don’t discuss payments, don’t add an email address or the like.

If it still won’t work, contact CS.

At the worst case, you could try a mutual cancellation (I believe a seller might be able to cancel mutually at this stage) and make a new order with the Fiverr credits you should receive back.

I think this happens due to technical issue in fiverr. May be it will fixed in 24 hours. If not then you can contact fiverr team by support ticket.

Contact CS, they will surely help you. :slight_smile:

Make sure you submit your information on the ORDER PAGE and NOT the conversation page. The order will not start until you’ve submitted information on the order page.

If you have submitted the information on the order page, then contact Customer Support and let them know you’re having issues.

Was this one solved? Could you please advise? I’ve got the same problem. thanks

Here what happened to me yesterday.

One of my buyers paid for a custom offer which I submitted. Not even a order came through.

He sent me a proof of payment to fiverr. I asked him to contact Fiverr CS immediately.

Matter is now resolved as I think.

Just sharing the experience.