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Order help cause of no response from client

So a client randomly placed an order on my gig, sent me a file and didn’t contact me at all. Now he has issued for a dispute, saying the seller can’t do his task… What do I do? My rating and seller level will be affected by this


Did the buyer explain in the file what they needed? Or when placing the gig? If not, you can contact customer support to explain the issue: the buyer has placed an order without filling out the requirements, and then the buyer is claiming you can’t do the job.

It’s obviously not possible to do a job if you don’t know what your buyer wants you to do in the first place.

In your case, I would reach out to support, and not accept the dispute until you’ve spoken to them. They might be able to solve the situation without it affecting your gig stats, if you’re not at fault.

Then again - these things are not always solved easily, and sometimes you’ll get cancellations like this that you can’t do anything about, other than accepting and taking the hit to your gig. It sucks, but that’s the reality.

I would highly recommend that you increase your rates. Having gigs at 5USD attracts the worst buyers on the platform.

I understand, thank you :slight_smile: