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Order in error by buyer

I just get my first order and the buyer started telling he order in error and am trying to tell him that he should consider for his project but he said all his project are completed, still thinking of what to do. Please advice me what can i do so that my gig wont be de-ranked by fiverr.


If buyer is saying he ordered by mistake, you can’t force him to keep the order alive…
I understand that cancellation would affect your gig listing in search result so best solution is to let the fiverr CS handle this, Ask them to cancel the order the way it don’t affect your cancellation rate…

Mean while tell the buyer to wait until fiverr CS solve this for you and decline any cancellation request from buyer !


Keep the chat and share it with the CS.
They will fix your rating. It has happened before.

Cancel the order. Honestly, I have no clue how people order it by mistake. It’s not just one button you have to click.


You can cancel the order through Fiverr help and support center. May be it doesn’t affect your gig rank

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Thank you for alll for your tips

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I did it but it has affect my gigs. they are derank by fiverr