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"Order in progress" bug?

Hey, this is the first time at here. But I can’t send it on the “Order in progress”. The downer link “Send” is the “Have something to share with seller” again. There is a bug or is there another Send?

I think your order already in progress, so wait for the seller to deliver the order.Capture

Okay, thank you.

What do you need to send to the seller? If you need to message them, you can type the message in the box and click on “Send”, and if you need to send them an attachment, you should be able to do it by clicking on the little paperclip that under and left of the message box (and then clicking on Send).




It shows that you are trying to send blank message. Please write anything or attached any document (whatever you want to send) and try again. It shows only when you just click on send button blankly.

Hence, no any bug!

Hope you got your answer.