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Order in Queue and same Active Gig is Denied

I got a custom order from a buyer today and order is still in progress but my Gig is denied and not visible. I received this notification by Fiverr: “The Gig failed to pass our review and is not visible to anyone. Click here to see your denied Gigs.” Kindly guide me through the following questions.
1-Can I get back (active status) my denied Gig or edit the content of Gig by somehow? If yes then how?
2-Does it has any impact on the ongoing order or my earnings after the completion of the order (order is accepted through the same Gig)?
3- In denied Gig list, there is an option of “DELETE” so What will be the impact on order if Gig is deleted?
4- Would I be able to get buyers review?

Kindly let know about these questions and If you have any experience and suggestions regarding this issue then do share it with me, I’ll really appreciate that.
Thank You!

  1. Only Fiverr support can tell if your gig can be active again. You can not edit it, you can only delete it. Personally, I doubt they will make it active again but you can reach out to them and see if they can help
  2. Considering the order is active, you should be able to deliver it and receive the funds for the job done. Again, Fiverr support has the last say on this.
  3. Your gig stopped being listed the moment Fiverr deactivated it. So deleting it only clears it from your gig list.
  4. Your current buyer might give you a review for your service.

Thank You for your input.

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