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Order in queue = more popular?


Seems to me when it rains it pours. And I like it, sometimes.

When I have 1 order in queue I have to ask, does it affect your ratings? Sure having an order makes your gig looks popular. But does having an order already ‘increase’ your visibility on fiverr? I ask because it really does seem my orders come in bunches.

Or is it just me?
-Radio Jay
Voice Over Guy


Yes and no. From what I’ve seen, having orders in queue makes you look more “popular” and more trustworthy. It can show buyers that they are not their first customer and that you have experience. On the other hand, if you have too much orders in queue, (5 or more) it can look like you don’t have enough time to manage all your orders and can make the buyer think you will deliver the product late.

Anyway, best of luck to your gig! I haven’t gotten an order yet! :joy:

Best of luck!


Many months ago, I hit a record of having 45 orders in my queue (all from one gig). If you’re good at managing your work flow, it doesn’t really matter how many orders you have in your queue. Yes, there is an element of social proof, but in the end, it’s more a matter of how good you are that can earn you a higher spot in the search results.


It may be why when I have one order in my queue I get several more quickly.


I have seen sellers with more than 100 orders in queue for a single gig.


It depends on the buyer, really.

Some don’t even notice how many orders you have in the queue, and are shocked when you explain it to them that you can’t start working on their order immediately, because you have to finish the orders you got before theirs first.

Some will, indeed, buy your gig if you have a few (or even many) orders in queue, because they believe that you must be good if so many people order from you. Some of those will get angry because you don’t immediately start working on their order.

On the other hand, if you have many orders in queue, some buyers won’t buy from you because they’re either in a hurry, or because they think that, with so many orders, you will be too busy to take care of theirs properly, and will just want to finish them all as quickly as possible.


I assume most of those will be a team. If it doesn’t say it’s a team and it’s a high order count for the type of gig and the buyer needs it soon or a lot of communication about it and/or it’s a time consuming type of gig a lot of orders in the queue may put a buyer off buying.

Though on Fiverr it may not be easy for a buyer to see that there are a lot of orders in the queue if the orders in the queue are on multiple gigs. It doesn’t specify a total number of orders in the queue for a particular seller.

edit: Though having orders in the queue does seem to make it more likely other orders will be made. It may be partly Fiverr’s algorithm (eg. positioning gigs/sellers with orders in the queue higher in search results).


I agree (with you, disagree with what you quoted :wink: ). I’ve ordered a gig from a seller who had about 80 orders in queue for the gig I chose, and orders for other similar gigs too, above 100 in either case, and a pretty low delivery time.

As I’m a forum regular, I mentally was prepared for a longer wait :wink: but communication was very fast and also the delivery was extremely fast, early next day, actually (and I think what I ordered might even have been 2 days delivery time).

My conclusion is that sellers with many orders in queue either deliver only/mostly things they can do very quickly (if now because of long experience and expertise or other reasons), or have/are a team, or have also custom orders with longer delivery times in their queue, and, as Jon brought up, good order/time management, workflow and such.

Personally, I probably would choose a seller with not quite as many orders in queue if I need something “serious” that I know should take a seller some time, or might need much talking, perhaps over several days, depending on timezones, etc., to be sure to get what I need

So… It depends. It will attract some people and deter others.

Plus, as catwriter mentioned, many buyers won’t even notice.

I don’t see an issue though from seller POV. If you have a long queue and can manage it well, great for you. If you haven’t, well, then you haven’t. Try to do something about it if you want it.


In addition to this: whatever you do, don’t delay delivering orders just so your queue would look longer. That would be unprofessional and unfair to buyers.


80 was my record with delivery in 24 hours for a single GIG. There was no problem, we are a team of 2. I really wish I had something like that :grinning::grinning:


It depends upon what a buyer think when he/she will see orders in queue.
By the way I got more orders when my orders are in queue.


So back to the original question: does it make your profile more visible on fiverr when you have orders in your order? I am trying to think of why orders come in bunches.


@radiojay No it doesn’t. I rarely have orders in my queue but manage to stay on top quite a bit.

Yes they do come in bunches which I have always wondered about but so far, no clue, aside from the fact that I know, for a fact, fiverr is able to tightly control how many orders each seller gets at any time, from none to lots of them within an hour or two. I don’t know how.

It might be some kind of promotion they do, maybe flashing your gig on the home page for a short time or even opening up more worldwide servers your gig is shown on so more people see it.

It might be your gig comes up number one in search for a short period of time.


It’s not enough to look at the queue to judge popularity, you should look at whether they deliver in 1-day, 3-days, 7-days, etc.

With that said, for me what matters the most is whether my gig appears on the first page, hopefully the first four rows.