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Order in the Queue helps to rank gig

Does the order in the queue help to rank the Gig? If it does, then how long the order should be in the queue?


Trying to manipulate the system, eh?

Well, if you have too many orders in queue, as far as I can see they will remove you from search or they will push you towards the bottom of the search results. So… focus more on delivering the best quality you can as fast as possible instead of just keeping orders in queue just to game the system. At least that’s my opinion.


There was a rumor about it, but it was never proven. There was also a rumor that, if buyers see that you already have orders in queue, they will think that you must be good if others are buying from you, and will place an order…but that one was never proven, either. And even if it was true, why would you want to make your client (the one who already bought from you) wait longer than necessary? It would be unprofessional.

On top of that, and on top of everything that @donnovan86 said, there are buyers who check how many orders a seller has in the queue, and don’t buy from that seller if it looks like they won’t be able to complete the work quickly.