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Order incomplet since three months, no response from Seller or Support

I have ordered 4 gigs as per the offer from Seller. The order was supposed to be completed in three days but selller was asking for extra time due to some or tother reason, which I readily agreed as I wanted the job done in order to save my reputation in the market, now it is three months and till now the order is not completed and the irony is that seller is not responding to my messages.
Plz suggest me what action can be taken against such fraudulent sellers?

I have a same problem

There should be no way for an order to remain incomplete for that long except in few situations I can think of.

1.) If the order clock never even starts running, that results in an incomplete order that can stay that way “forever.” The buyer has to fix that by writing required info and clicking submit. On your order, did the clock start counting down? or…

2.) If the clock starts counting down and the seller never delivers, the clock eventually displays #LATE#. The buyer then has to wait until it says #RIDICULOUSLY LATE#. If the buyer does nothing, the order stays incomplete. If the buyer clicks cancel, the buyer gets a refund and the sellers gets an auto bad rating. Did your sellers clock ever say LATE and if so, did you try to cancel?and/or…

3.) If the clock starts counting down and the seller delivers (correctly or incorrectly), the clock then stops. The ball is then back to the buyer. If the buyer does nothing, the order is marked complete in 3 days because Fiverr assumes 3 days is enough time for the buyer to check it. Was your order marked complete automatically even though you felt it was incomplete? and/or…

4.) If the buyer sees delivery but doesn’t like it, they can click request modification. That starts the order again and the seller has to redeliver or cancel. Did you ever click request modification? If so, what did the seller do?

Outside of those, I can’t imagine how you had anything incomplete longer than 30 days max.

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bad thing !

What bad thing? Since the OP hasn’t answered, it may just be a mistake on the part of buyer or seller. I don’t see a clear description of a definite “bad thing.”

Looks like some sellers know how to scam the system. They train you to wait, then after three days you cannot claim refund. They take your money and you never hear from them again. Not good enough! The system needs a buyer to physically accept an order before being paid, not just automatic. Really annoyed. Next stop YELP!!!

You can get a refund up to 13 days after the order was marked as complete.