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Hey everyone!

I have discussed with a buyer for a video 5$…He send me 13 photos and some text for a video that have only 6 photos and 7 text…He asked me if I can use all the photo and I said that can duplicate the video and the money to 10$…He agreed to this,but later he send me 3 photos and 7 text and order to another video 5 $…He ordered me to send the video as soon as possible…I asked him what the video he want (because I don’t understand what video he wanted) and he spoke me with a harsh tone & he ordered me to send money back and cancel the gig…The order was incomplete…I told him that he does’t make a order complete and I asked him to tell me where was the order…Than he send me “info” for the video with phrases " Here are the order, you can cancel it."

Which is my fault that the buyer spoke me also??Can anyone explain this??