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Order information not displaying properly

Not sure what this is about, but on an order from a while back, once it got below around two days until delivery I got this message,

"The order countdown is now ticking …

Don’t waste your time reading this message …"

The thing is, it’s in the order form in replace of where it showed the gig requirements the user had provided. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get around getting the information that was initially provided so I was forced to cancel on the buyer. It also seemed to have trouble actually processing the messages I sent days before. No matter where I go on this particular order, this is popped up. Does anyone have any suggestions? It’s only one particular order. I don’t know why it is doing this, and if I can’t get any suggested fixes for this, i’ll have to contact Fiverr support itself as I feel like some of my other orders may end up like this as well.