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Order Is Automatically Completed After 3 Days But Buyer Want To Refund

Hello! a buyer placed an order but i didn’t got enough information from buyer for start the project. I wait few days for him but he came not online for a long time and his project is incompleted. So delivery time is over and I deliver the order and told him when he come to online we will restart the project again.

Then order was automatically completed after 3 days and now buyer came to online and want to refund. I told him that your project is incomplete because you came not fiverr for a long time, You give me proper information for start the project but he is not ready to understand.

Order Is Completed After 3 Days. Now my question is that, Can buyer refund dollar without my approval ?

Thank You Everyone For Read This Post And Waiting for your valuable Comment.

It’s customer’s fault, not yours, if you wanna make him glad, you can ask him more details about his project, upgrade it, and send him through a drop box, but he is not gonna get refunded.

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Thank You Dear For You Valuable Comment. Can Buyer Refund Dollar Without My Approval By Contacting Customer Support ?

No, he can’t, support can’t get your money like this ^^
And anyway, he hasn’t given details enough, wasn’t online and you have made the job with details that HE has written in description.
I had to deal with this situation once with a video editing, same situation, so I went to talk with customer to reassure him and say: ok I’m gonna make some modifications, then he would have something decent.
But that’s all, it was just about some details, no revision or anything because after all, it wouldn’t belong to our contract because basicly I have done what he has written in description, so I did my job.

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Thanks Again :slight_smile:

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When it goes wrong I try to talk with customer because he could write a negative review and it’s something I try to avoid, and I don’t know if support can do something against fake reviews in case if customer is totally wrong.

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Yes You Are Right Dear

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Yes he can and will get a refund from the customer service… On top of it you will also get a warning stating you delivered incomplete work

In terms of service it is written that you can not deliver incomplete work just the stop the timer…

if the info was not enough you should have used the resolution center to extend time or ask for customer support at that time.

Now the best solution will be to talk to your customer and try your best to convince him to provide you more info so that you can complete the order


Yes, especially if he tells them that the delivered work was incomplete (plus you’ll get an account warning for that, as @priyasumit786 said). Or the buyer could initiate a chargeback and get their funds back that way (though they’d get banned from Fiverr for doing it).

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I really Doubt it, Recently if the work is completed by buyer then the charge back is not accepted by Fiverr and Seller gets the money back.

Since the order is not complete by buyer and the charge back is on a legitimate reason , I really doubt that the account will be banned…

But still the seller will get a Warning

Thanks to everyone for your valuable comments. But i done the job according to buyer requiremetns but i didn’t got enough information from the buyer then i requested to buyer for extend time but buyer is out of online so how can he accept the time extend. Then i deliver the order and order is automatic completed, Now where is my mistake for get an warning ?

I already told him that i am ready to complete your project as your requirements. Please try to understand my situation, Please tell me how can i convince to buyer and customer support ( if customer support massage me )