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Order is automatically completed But how my client can provide me review


can anyone tell me how my clients can provide me feedback on automatically completed orders??


If you mean feedback=review:

They can come back and leave a review for you later on.
I believe they have 30 days to do so.
In the meantime, patience is king… some clients will never leave a review.

If you mean feedback=add information to the order:
They can contact you by messages and complete the work anyway


they are still online and tried many times to provide me review, but they dont see any option there


I have the Same Client Can’t Find Review/ Feedback option After automatically Completed Project. How can i give him review Option ?


Tell him to click
Buying > Orders > Completed
and then on the gig you did for him.
Check those steps on your own dashboard and add a screenshot for your client maybe (of course your own dashboard will not show any orders there unless you bought a gig yourself before).