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Order is cancelled after completion by 3 months

On Jan.10, 2021 I received an email from Fiverr support saying that buyer **** cancelled my order since you missed your delivery due date of Oct 12, 2020

I had 2 orders with this buyer and both are delivered on time and marked as complete automatically.
the buyer was satisfied with it and published the work 2 months ago on Youtube and other platforms without any issues.

Now the order’s earning was deducted from my account’s balance.
I opened a ticket on the same day and the support team says that it was a fraudulent payment through PayPal and the buyer opened a dispute with their payment provider. and they have nothing to do about it.

CS said they are reviewing the process and since then I never heard from them.

The problem here that I no longer feel completely secure about my payments with buyers
And although I am a top rated seller with VIP CS support, CS refuses to compensate this fraudulent chargeback (which is 100% not my responsibility)

Very frustrated and disappointed.

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Are you sure that your buyer cancelled an order… ? There are no gigs on your profile

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The seller may have paused the gigs

I have 3 gigs online
I am top rated seller for 2 years. with 1K reviews

Buyer ordered two of my gigs and satisfied with them, one of them is cancelled by CS 3 months later saying that I didn’t deliver it on time and it was a fraudulent payment by the buyer…

What actually happened, I delivered the video on time and the buyer published the work on Youtube then disputed his payment on PayPal

I am seller…
The buyer ordered the gig and I completed it
3 months later, CS cancelled the order

Really ? Do you have multiple accounts then ?

Aha good question :slight_smile:

No I have only one account

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The forum tends to strip the _ from usernames. :wink:


Are you 100% sure that you have one account? Maybe we are looking at wrong direction.

You can perfectly see _ here :grinning:

The OP’s Fiverr username is evproductions_ not evproductions


You were right :pray:

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indeed , it works with the _ [evproductions_]

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I can understand your situation and I have experienced the same yeah it feels bad but with the passage of time, you’ll forget about these. So better focus on your current projects and continue delivering the quality work as you have been doing great.

if the buyer had canceled the projects via support then the chances were high that customer support compensated without you creating a ticket with them and letting them know about the story.

However, in the case of chargeback support can’t do much.

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have the same issue, 4 chargebacks from the same buyer, more than 3k $ deducted from my account. TS doesn’t help. Don’t know what to do.

It’s very frustrating and obviously it’s a bug (hole) in Fiverr’s system that must be fixed. if the problem is with PayPal I suggest not dealing through it and find an alternative.

Thank you for your support!
but I disagree with just moving on and forget what happened, it doesn’t feel so great being scammed and you worked for nothing.
It’s clearly a bug within the system and many buyers will make use of it in the future.

and CS didn’t compensate me despite their responsibility keeping my funds safe.

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here is my case Fiverr seller protection program doesn't work, 3644$ scammed by fraudulent buyer's chargeback

will really appreciate if you like and comment to drive more awareness to this topic!

also here is the positive case of the same situation and some very good thoughts about this issue An old order has been canceled, and now my balance is negative - #23 by fonthaunt

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