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Order is cancelled,even after order was marked as complete and buyer rate me 5 stars

Hi Everyone,
i am level 2 seller and it’s been more than a year that i am working on fiverr, but i have encountered with a strange issue,
I completed an order last week with extra fast delivery, the buyer marked the order as complete without any revision required and rated me with 5 stars and great feedback, it was also a great experience so i also rated him 5 stars and good comments.
but now after 8 days i got a notification form fiverr that my order is canceled and the amount is transferred back to buyer account, the amount is also deducted from my account and my order completion rate also get lowered.
have anyone knows why did this happen and if any other experienced the same issue

Possibly a chargeback through paypal.

Contact CS, take screenshots of your conversation and the delivery documents and attach them to your ticket. Explain the situation.

CS may well surprise you with a refund. It happens.


Thank you, i just did what you said

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