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Order is completed with 5-star, but buyer wanna cancel now... plz

Hi fiverrers, I have completed an order with 5-star. Buyer was very happy and he left kind words and mark my order as complete. Now, the issue is that he wants to cancel that order. Is it really possible? Please guide me what should I do? Because If this order got canceled, I’ll not be a level one on coming evaluation and I am much worried about it?
Thanks in advance


If he asked you, just refuse and ignore him. He can’t even blackmail you with a bad review because he already left one.

But lately there have been many posts on the forum about orders cancelled by CS months after being completed, so I can’t promise that won’t happen. It’s unbelievable, but apparently, it can happen.

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@abdulrehmanlhr It’s possible

@bmsurujuddin @zerlina84 Thanks for your quick reply…

Why fiverr support buyers so much even in wrong matters sometimes? Its really not fair. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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