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Order is delivered now I am worried

Hello Friends
I have a problem and want to discuss with you !
Today I complete my order of website with 15 articles.
Order is delivered on time. Now buyer ask me why I use pictures from Getty images with caption in website.
Order is completed 3 days before, now he ask for revision and said change all the website and also add licensed theme ( paid theme ) $$ :frowning:
Now what should I do ? I ask him if he is not agree I am ready for mutual cancel order.
Is it possible now mutual cancelling ? Order delivered on 27th Dec 2019.
I am new seller I am scared for negative reviews. :frowning:
Thanks and regards
Sorry for my poor English


Contact Support to get them to cancel it at this stage.
Also report the buyer to Support as they are asking for things which are not included and ask Support what you should do.



sorry ot hear that. Maybe you can add in your descrition, at the part “content” in “All articles will be unique and fresh” or in FAQ , that the buyer needs to provide their own images.

If it is not possible for you to cancel without a negative impact, then maybe you can ask the buyer to provide you the images.

all the best

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Thanks Happyspace. I am going to add this in FAQ

If your English is poor, why offering


Or do you hire someone else to write them (though I find it unlikely considering that you charge $5 for the whole service)?


I have a partner for articles writing…