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Order is getting LATE

Hi, I need some help.

My client ordered the website but he did not provide me content. I am on hold because the project is going late. I opened the extension tomorrow before the deadline and ask him but he is offline. Now there is stamp of LATE on the order as i did not deliver the site because i am still on hold. Now what to do in this case ? Because I am afraid he can still give me feedback of late delivery.

Kindly Help me!

Wait for your buyer or contact fiverr resolution center hope you will solved your problem.


Submit a ticket to CS ASAP.

I sent the ticket to CS but they may say me to cancel it. I don’t want to cancel because 80% work is done and 20% is remaining as the client is not online yet.

You don’t have to cancel. You said the buyer hadn’t given you enough details, though… So I’m kind of confused. If they haven’t given you the other 20% you need, just take creative freedom and notify them of revisions (if you offer them).

Yes, I had one of those recently. I did as you did and requested an extension due to the buyer not responding.

They still didn’t respond, so I had to ask for another, longer extension. At that point, I contacted CS who said they couldn’t grant the extension but could only reach out to the buyer.

So I reached out myself … and added an fyi that if the order goes late, I get penalized. They responded and we worked something out.

Yes, finish the site as best you can, deliver and take revisions if necessary.

Don’t apologise for not waiting.

Really frustrating {{{hug}}}


If it’s only the content put in that fake placeholder language and then they themselves can add the real content later, or you can send a message you will do it when they give it to you later after the order has completed. It’s called Lorem ipsum.

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Great, Thanks for help Seniors. Really Appreciated <3