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Order is late after delivering on-time


I have a regular client, he ordered my gig (two days delivery time). He wasn’t able to give the website access to start work. Then I requested for extending 1 day delivery time. he was busy can’t accept the request, so I delivered that order on time to avoid the late delivery as he was my good client - I will do the work later when he will be available. Order delivered successfully and time countdown stopped.

After two days later he accepted my one day extended delivery time without modification request. Order started again and I saw the order is late. But why?

I delivered that order on time. I think that is a bug. Now my on-time delivery rating goes down but it shouldn’t be.

Please clarify this?

I did the work successfully, buyer gave me 5$ extra with 5 stars review.

Thanks in advance.


Hi amzpro.
When your client accepted the 1-day extension, it was added to your original delivery period. And when he accepted it, the total delivery time (including the extension) was already past, so your order was marked as late. The extension gets added to the original delivery time. This is not very intuitive, but I believe it’s just the way these things work. As far as I know, the only way to circumvent it, preemptively, is by asking for a very long extension period.


According to this system- Order is delivered and completed. if buyer accepts extend time request many days later then order will be late and buyer can refund the money.:confused:

My previous experience - when order is delivered on time. Then if buyer accepts the extend time request, Order starts as modification.