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Order is late even after I delivered it on time

I delivered an order on time, but the buyer has not accepted it yet. Why does the order still show up as late? Does this impact my credibility as a seller on Fiverr? Is this a bug? Very confused. Thanks.

As in a modification was requested? A few months ago support told me that it will stay in that stage permanently until you deliver it again. So even if it says late, it doesn’t mean anything and you can take a year to deliver it again. But I don’t trust their advice that much after they once gave me incorrect information. So should maybe confirm that again if it really is the case. :thinking:

It wasn’t a modification request, I delivered the order, and it still says it’s late for some reason. Thanks for the help though.

That is weird! But I have seen that myself too, but not lately. I believe refreshing the order page or clearing cookies/cache would have remedied it. Or just delivering again.

Contact CS as soon as possible, I would recommend taking a screenshot of the message to show to whomever in CS assists you. They have always helped me with any problems.

It appears to be a bug where cancelled orders still trigger a “late” warning, and some delivered orders do that, too. I’ve informed CS about it, they’re on to it!

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I’ve been told that CS is on everything, and their developers would fix things, guess what, the issues are still here… A lot of bugs, a lot of bugs that aren’t addressed. :joy:

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