Order is late from seller


So I made an order for a spokesperson video.
I wanted to try someone new…When I start with a new seller, I always order basic, to see how things work with that seller.

So I have an active gig. It was a 7 days delivery (that was today at 13:40 - an hour ago).

Absolutely no communication what so ever. I already had a seller do a fake gig delivery. I don’t want to get a second cancellation (first one I contacted CS and they did it). I messaged the seller if my order is coming.

I am not going to order the full bells and whistles on the gig extras from a seller that it is my first gig with that seller. This gig was testing out the waters with this seller.

So how long do I have to wait until I contact CS to do a cancellation and I get my money back onto my fiverr “bank account” so I can order the gig from someone else.

I am usually flexible. If the first gig with a seller goes well then next time I will order some extras. If you do good on that second gig as well then you go on my “preferred sellers” list.

Seller does have some > Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

Should I ignore that that seller’s profile said: Recent Delivery: 4 months


Hey. After 24 hours you will be able to instantly cancel the order. You don’t have to contact CS.


4 months? The seller is probably no longer active.

You should have messaged him before you placed the order, to check if he was still active.


I agree with catwriter, check if they are active 1st. Second, "This gig was testing out the waters with this seller"
huh? I know some people advice in doing so - but I would argue against it. It just wastes time and puts you in the position you are now in. “Before” placing an order always “Message” a seller if you are unsure.


I did a resolution thing since the order was late. Instead of going through CS (like I did in that cancelled order in the past).

Your dispute, regarding this order, was sent to (username).
(username) will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline.

I went to the toilet so I had my phone and on the fiverr app, it showed me that (username) accepted the resolution to cancel the order.

Through the app, I saw that I have $5 credit.

I won’t be paying a process fee right? I remember on the first order cancellation through CS, since this is via the resolution, same thing?

It’s a she by the way, she agreed to the order cancellation so fast.

I wanted to try her out, she spoke english, spanish, chinese and french. I was going to order the save video in spanish, chinese and french after this order went through and I liked it. I ordered a video gig. It would of been nice to work with her, that way I didn’t have to find 3 other sellers for those other language. oh well.


We didn’t need to know about you going to the toilet.

The same thing, yes. If you buy a $5 gig with that credit, there will be no processing fee.


Marvin I have 23 completed orders (all rated 5 stars), this order I am talking about is now cancelled. I have 2 cancelled orders. I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt (or whatever the expression goes) if I keep getting cancelled orders, I might get slightly more bitter and pissed.

Yes I admit, I should of messaged the user first. I will do that with all future first orders, if it’s a first order with a seller then I will message them to make sure they can do the order.


It’s not always necessary, not even if it’s the first order, but with the last delivery being 4 months ago, it’s definitely a good idea to check whether the seller is still working.


I am sure I will get “bad” sellers, first one did a fake gig delivery (see post on the forums, conversations), the other one, this. So 2 bad orders out of 25 is not bad. 8% bad rate is not bad. overall. 0% would be better obviously.


I agree, not bad at all, especially considering it’s the first 25 orders.